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Date: August 3, 2004

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Twitter - @JayBigGuy10

Reddit - u/JayBigGuy10

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I am Jayden Litolff Aka JayBigGuy, I am a third year college student in New Zealand

I love Reddit, YouTube, Minecraft, Titanfall, Home Assistant, The Expanse, Raspberry Pi’s, Homelabs, Data hoarding and Plex and I have experience with Python, html/CSS, Docker, Server Administration, Soldering, Micro controllers and Torrenting / Media Management

Other activities that I enjoy that may come up on this blog are reading lots of books, I love a great Sci-Fi Novel especially space related, I’m really into anything NASA, SpaceX and Apollo Program Etc. I also love to get out on my mountain bike and go for a ride but that doesn’t happen often enough with college work.

Also Cats, I have two fluffy cats, this is Jasper:

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